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OG Top Model-Recovered Hollywood Douchebag. Tolkien Enthusiast, Survivalist's Wife, Avon Overlord-Nerd Queen, Red Pilled Montana Mountain Hermit
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My Pedo is better than yours!

The most grotesque thing I see on the people WHATABOUTing the behavior of ped0s (bringing up ped0 g00ming of a different political ideology) when video evidence is presented of children being targeted by people in a "community" they deem as "good".
Both are bad. Are you so tribal you are ok with your side hurting children because of a political ideology? I REFUSE to attend Catholic Church, as they have NEVER issued a VERY public apology or detailed WHY they covered up for pedos. Public schools have ped0s operating in them now....obsessed with talking to tiny children about their sexual identities, having sex with their own students, talking to kids and telling them to keep secrets from their parents and more. People are taking children to parades based on SEXUALITY, watching grown men in g strings spank each other in dog fetish gear.
STOP "whatabout" ing when it comes to this. ONLY condemn. ONLY shame this behavior. Stop ignoring it. Stop pretending there are "sides" when it comes to the horrors of people targeting children. you do NOT get to identify as ANYTHING when you are a predator....period.
Of all the things you'd think people WOULD come together for....this shows how evil hearts have actually ARGUE in favor for...or gaslight and try to "what about" when people expose ped0s.
ONLY expose. ONLY shame

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Cinnamon rolls!!!
Marxist Ideology

Critical Gender/Race Theory people are ticking time bombs. They are LOOKING for drama...hyper focused on you messing up so they can bully you/feel superior. You must walk on eggshells because they are narcissists

I avoid them like the plague. I'm sorry, absolutely toxic AF

Dinner time!!

We are officially dieting till Turkey day. We partook in a bit too much "cheer". My "fat" pants are tight! In fact, I feel like they are cutting off circulation!

I started selling pampered chef fir a hobby just to replace everything in my kitchen and boy, am I glad I did! Their knives are SO SHARP! It gives me an excuse to do cooking streams, too ;)

#topmodel #kitchen #cooking #pamperedchef

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in case you have missed it
he is on mon-sat at 5 am MT till 10 am MT

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