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Grey hair. An observation


Because the majority of women live the lie of hair color, people have a false sense of what women AND men should look like in their 40s. Thus, the many of us who ARE grey at this age that choose to not run from the truth....are categorized as MUCH older. The conditioning of society that women should look much younger than they are at my age....leads many people to constantly comment how old I look. I will admit, using a color app I let it color my hair and even I thought to myself that I looked 10 years younger. Thing is, I am NOT 20 years younger. I would be constructing the IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD if I did it. I prefer to enhance who I am, not RUN from it.

These impossible standards are what we women set on ourselves. I have had women 20 years older than me almost SHOUT in my face "NO!!!! Not ME! I could NEVER!" after they complimented my bravery to go grey. I had suggested they do it too. It was almost as if they became processed by a demon.

No one else does this to us BUT US. Then, we get MAD at a magical fictitious man we pretend dictates how we should look in our 40s and 50s so we can lay the blame of our own behavior on someone else. These impossible standards.....we have created. Then we whine and cry that they are there.

I guess it is the equivalent of stuffing your bra and a guy popping that bad boy open on a date and finding out it was a lie. However, everyone else assumes you got them big ole tittays.

Anyway, I usually find the women who slam me for my looks are my age or older.....CLEARLY rocking that fucking box color hair and a couple of pricks of botox. I think i represent the truth they are running they get pissed I exist.

Just some thoughts

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