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OG Top Model-Recovered Hollywood Douchebag. Tolkien Enthusiast, Survivalist's Wife, Avon Overlord-Nerd Queen, Red Pilled Montana Mountain Hermit
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Vintage 1982 right here, baby!

I always wondered what life would like like for me at 40.

I never imagined I'd live so remotely. I stare in wonder at the brilliance of the unobstructed stars....the sound of the breeze in ponderosa pines. I feel (and look) healthier than I ever being the only "drug" I take. (Drinking wears poorly on your skin as you age). In the evenings, I rock in my rocking chair next to the love of my life...watching the sun drench the purple mountain majesty...and the wildlife go about their business as if we didnt exist. I have no regrets. I have been given the opportunity to atone for my sins in my past....a life of self worship and focus.....and atone I have.

A spiritual awakening awaits all who veer off the path society wants us to walk. Look outwardly instead of hyperfocusing on our own feelings/world. There is so much more outside of ourselves.


Covered in my #Avon #skinsosoft
Bug guard!

#montana #mountain life #antm #americasnexttopmodel

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Cinnamon rolls!!!
Marxist Ideology

Critical Gender/Race Theory people are ticking time bombs. They are LOOKING for drama...hyper focused on you messing up so they can bully you/feel superior. You must walk on eggshells because they are narcissists

I avoid them like the plague. I'm sorry, absolutely toxic AF

Dinner time!!

We are officially dieting till Turkey day. We partook in a bit too much "cheer". My "fat" pants are tight! In fact, I feel like they are cutting off circulation!

I started selling pampered chef fir a hobby just to replace everything in my kitchen and boy, am I glad I did! Their knives are SO SHARP! It gives me an excuse to do cooking streams, too ;)

#topmodel #kitchen #cooking #pamperedchef

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in case you have missed it
he is on mon-sat at 5 am MT till 10 am MT

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