Adrianne Curry
Beauty & Fashion • Lifestyle • Television
OG Top Model-Recovered Hollywood Douchebag. Tolkien Enthusiast, Survivalist's Wife, Makeup Maven-Nerd Queen, Red Pilled Montana Mountain Hermit
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When parents proudly post their toddlers "identity".
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My apologies
Leaving Hollywood has been AWFUL
Good morning from Montana!

I am live, no makeup and looking like BUTT


Thank God for my Italian/Lebanese heritage to grow back what I did to my eyebrows! Sadly, laser removal can only do so much to that mustache!

Getting old is kinda cool. 2004 me was a complete moron. I could run mental laps around that poor kid all day.

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Self Proclaimed "do gooders" never are

I have found, those who claim to be the most virtuous and pious...are always hiding darkness behind their insufferable self righteousness.
These types of people and their propensity for deceit tarnished how I viewed a lot of things. Only recently did I learn, those who ARE good and not have to proclaim it nonstop till they're blue in the face. Our actions are ALWAYS the truth tellers, no matter how much we try to claim our words tell our story.

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